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Boeing 737-700 Fleet List

Current Virgin Australia Boeing 737-700 Routes

Virgin Australia

Virgin Blue introduced the Next Generation Boeing 737-700 into Australian skies on 27 April 2011 when VH-VBA joined the fleet. Fleet expansion was rapid with a further four aircraft arriving in 2001 followed by twelve in 2002 and a further five in 2003. By 2003 traffic at the airline was expanding rapidly and the larger Boeing 737-800 was ordered in greater numbers though a further two 737-700s

arrived in 2005.

One of the two 2005 arrivals was VH-VBY which carries a special blue based colour scheme celebrating it being the fiftieth Boeing 737 to join the airline.

Twenty six Boeing 737-700s have operated for the Virgin Australia group and eighteen aircraft remain in the fleet.

Seating 144 in the initial all-economy layout three rows of convertible seating were added from 2008 in order that a Premium Economy service could be offered and all aircraft now have a convertible WY144 layout.

The Boeing 737-700 shares a common pilot type rating with the Boeing 737-800 allowing the airline to operate the two types with a common pool of pilots and allowing the airline to easily switch capacity between routes. The Boeing 737-700s operate entirely on Australian domestic routes.

The Boeing 737-700s are fitted with Live2Air TV and these can be identified by a hump on the fuselage just behind the wing.

Though Virgin Australia has no further Boeing 737-700s on firm order on 1 April 2010 an order for fifty Boeing 737-800s was placed with deliveries through to 2017 and these can be swapped for Boeing 737-700s or the larger Boeing 737-900ER if required.

Boeing 737-700

Virgin Blue livery.

50th 737 Virgin Blue Special blue livery.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-700 liveries.

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