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Boeing 737-800 Fleet List

Current Virgin Australia group Boeing 737-800 Routes

Polynesian Blue

The Virgin Australia group currently operates 48 Boeing 737-800 aircraft split across the Virgin Australia, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue operations.

The Boeing 737-800 first joined the Virgin Blue fleet in November 2001 when VH-VOA was leased from CIT Aerospace. Named “Blue Belle” this aircraft stayed in the fleet until January 2011 when its lease expired.

Expansion of the Boeing 737-800 fleet was rapid with four aircraft joining in 2001, six in 2002, nine in 2003 and eleven in 2004. Expansion then slowed with three, four, four, two, four and four aircraft joining the fleet in the years 2005 - 2010. Thus far five aircraft have joined the fleet in 2011.

In 2004 subsidiary airline Pacific Blue began operations on trans-Tasman and New Zealand domestic services and the Boeing 737-800 was chosen for the new carrier. The name change to

Boeing 737-800

Virgin Australia

Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue for this operation was necessary as the use of the Virgin name on International services was precluded as part of the deal whereby 49% of Virgin Atlantic in the UK had been sold to Singapore Airlines. New Zealand domestic services were withdrawn in 2010.

Until 2008 aircraft were delivered in an all-economy 180 seat configuration but subsequent deliveries had convertible seats installed in the first three rows to enable the launch of a Premium Economy service. Older aircraft were retrofitted to give a convertible WY180 capacity.

On 16 December 2011 new Boeing 737-800 VH-VUY appeared in an all white livery indicating that a re-branding was likely. VH-VUZ quickly followed and the two aircraft were fitted with decals promoting the AFL and the Gold Coast Suns respectively as part of the airline’s new marketing contract with the AFL.  

VH-VFC arrived all-white in April 2011 and was the first aircraft to arrive with the new Boeing Sky Interior. It quickly made its way to Christchurch for the top secret addition of the new Virgin Australia colours. It was this aircraft which was used to launch the re-branded carrier at Sydney on 4 May 2011 along with A330-200 VH-XFB. Whilst in Christchurch this aircraft was fitted with eight Business Class seats in place of the twelve convertible seats to give an 8J/168Y configuration. However until sufficient aircraft have this new configuration the Business Class seats are sold as Premium Economy.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800s have a variety of different Boeing designators with Boeing 737-86Q, 737-81D, 737-8KG, 737-8FE, 737-8BK, 737-82R, 737-8Q8 and 737-81Q machines all appearing in the fleet list. These designators indicate who aircraft were originally built for with 737-8FE machines being ordered directly by the airline and all other designators indicating machines ordered by leasing companies. There are no physical differences implied by the different designators.

A number of aircraft feature Live2Air TV and these can be distinguished by a hump on the fuselage just behind the wing.

The Boeing 737-800 fleet has carried a number of different liveries in addition to the basic red based Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue colours. VH-VOJ appeared in a blue based “Head to Queensland” livery whilst VH-VOI carried a black based livery for Gillette razors.

Current Boeing 737-800 operations range throughout Australia, across the Tasman to New Zealand and to Raratonga, Fiji, Nufu’aloka and Apia to the East and as far north as Denpasar, Bali and Phuket in Thailand.

A firm order was signed on 1 April 2010 for a fifty Boeing 737-800s with the option to amend orders for the smaller Boeing 737-700 or larger Boeing 737-900ER if required. Deliveries of these aircraft will stretch through to 2017 and they will be used to both replace older models and increase fleet size.

Boeing 737-800 Virgin Australia

Virgin Blue livery.

Pacific Blue livery.

Polynesian Blue livery.

AFL livery.

Gold Coast Suns livery.

Virgin Australia livery.

Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 Gillette livery. Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 Queensland Tourism Livery.

Gillette livery - obsolete. .

Head to Queensland livery - obsolete.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 liveries.

Virgin Australia Aircraft Types.