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Virgin Australia News & Information August 2011.

31st August 2011 - VH-YIB begins Delivery.

Boeing 737-8FE VH-YIB began its delivery flight today routing Boeing Field - Lihue - Nadi - Christchurch as DJ9080.

28th August 2011 - VH-ZHD operates final Flights.

Embrarer E170 VH-ZHD operated its final flights in service today.

28th August 2011 - VH-ZPT Positions for Service Entry.

Embraer E190 VH-ZPT positioned Brisbane - Melbourne today as DJ9340 and is expected to enter service imminently.

25th August 2011 - Second ATR-72 Arrives.

VH-FVI, the second ATR-72 to be operated by Skywest on behalf of Virgin Australia arrived in Brisbane today.

21st August 2011 - VH-YIB First Test Flight.

Boeing 737-8FE VH-YIB made its first test flight today from Renton to Boeing Field.

20th August 2011 - Melbourne Fog Diversions.

DJ1361 Launceston - Melbourne operated by Boeing 737-81D VH-YFE diverted to Adelaide.

DJ800 Sydney - Melbourne operated by Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUA diverted to Canberra.

DJ698 Perth - Melbourne operated by Boeing 737-8Q8 VH-VOW circled Melbourne, headed to Canberra. On the way back to Melbourne it then circled over Mount Beauty for around an hour before finally heading back to land in Melbourne.

11th August 2011 - VH-YIA Enters Service.

Boeing 737-8FE VH-YIA entered service today operating DJ805 Melbourne - Sydney

10th August 2011 - VH-YIA positions for Service Entry.

Boeing 737-8FE VH-YIA positioned Brisbane - Melbourne today as DJ9082 and is expected to enter service tomorrow.

8th August 2011 - VH-YFC Brisbane - Coolangatta flights.

Boeing 737-81D operated Brisbane - Coolangatta as DJ9060 today returning to Brisbane shortly afterwards as DJ9061.

7th August 2011 - VH-YIA Positions to Brisbane.

Boeing 737-8FE VH-YIA positioned Christchurch - Brisbane this morning as DJ9063.

5th August 2011 - E190 VH-ZPT on Delivery.

Embraer E190 VH-ZPT has commenced its delivery flight from Brazil. This aircraft is in Virgin Australia livery.

4th August 2011 - DJ402 Cancelled in suspected bomb threat.

DJ402 Sydcney - Adelaide was boarded this morning and left the gate but was removed to a remote stand and did not depart. Australian Federal Police confirmed that a full search of the aircraft including baggage and cargo was completed including participation by a bomb appraisal officer and the canine unit. A 32 year old female was taken into custody.

Just 42 passengers are quoted as having been on the unidentified Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The return DJ711 Adelaide - Sydney was also subsequently cancelled.

1st August 2011 - VH-YFE back in traffic.

Boeing 737-81D VH-YFE re-entered traffic today operating DJ825 Melbourne - Sydney. The aircraft is confirmed as painted in Virgin Australia livery.

17th August 2011 - First ATR-72 for Virgin Australia arrives.

VH-FVH, the first ATR-72 to be operated by SkyWest on behalf of Virgin Australia arrived in Brisbane today.

16th August 2011 - Sydney - Canberra re-brand.

With Sydney - Canberra services to be taken over by Skywest operated ATR-72s the service will be re-branded from Capital Jet to Capital Connect. Free coffee, juice, wine, beer and snacks will be available on these flights.

11th August 2011 - ATR Timetable announcements.

The following flights have been loaded in GDS systems for operation by ATR72 aircraft operated by SkyWest on behalf of Virgin Australia. Complete schedules are not yet published.

From 17 October 2011.

DJ1709 Brisbane 0615 - Gladstone 0735 x67

DJ1715 Brisbane 1540 - Gladstone 1700 x6

DJ1712 Gladstone 0805 - Brisbane 0925 x67

DJ1718 Gladstone 1730 - Brisbane 1850 x6

From 19 October 2011.

DJ1766 Brisbane 1000 - Port Macquarie 1225 Daily

DJ1763 Brisbane 1010 - Port Macquarie 1030 x6

DJ1765 Brisbane 1325 - Port Macquarie 1345 6

DJ1188 Port Macquarie 1255 - Sydney 1400 Daily

From 30 October 2011.

DJ632 Sydney 0805 - Canberra 0900 Daily

DJ642 Sydney 1105 - Canberra 1200 Daily

DJ664 Sydney 1805 - Canberra 1900 6

DJ627 Canberra 0630 - Sydney 0720 x67

DJ639 Canberra 0930 - Sydney 1020 Daily

DJ647 Canberra 1230 - Sydney 1320 Daily

DJ655 Canberra 1630 - Sydney 1720 Daily

DJ673 Canberra 2110 - Sydney 2150 5

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