Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8KG VH-VUX.



Seat Configuration







Virgin Blue

6 October 2011 - Re-entered service as DJ675 Melbourne - Perth in 8J/168Y configuration.

28 September 2011 - Operated last service in WY180 configuration as DJ890 Sydney - Melbourne.

4 May 2011 - Transferred to Virgin Australia.

24 November 2010 - Whilst operating DJ1326 Melbourne - Hobart during the landing on a wet runway 12 at Hobart, the crew reported that the initial braking was normal, however, in the final stage of the landing, the braking was not effective despite increasing brake pressure. Both crew stated that the aircraft felt as if it was sliding or aquaplaning. The crew reactivated the thrust reversers and the aircraft came to a stop beyond the end of the runway in the stopway area. There was no damage to the aircraft or the tarmac and the aircraft was turned and taxied to the terminal.

29 September 2010 - Delivered to Virgin Blue.

15 September 2010 - First Test Flight.